How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga & Brampton

How to Find a Good Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga & Brampton

How to Find a Good Criminal  Lawyer in Mississauga and Brampton

A criminal charge can make it challenging to secure a job, maintain your social circle, or be granted a loan. Due to various reasons, the importance of retaining a skilled and experienced lawyer is crucial to move forward after a criminal charge. With so much in jeopardy, the decision to retain a criminal defense lawyer can greatly impact your case. Faced with the uncertainty of your future here is a five-step guide to finding a good criminal defense lawyer.


1.      Ask For a Referral – If your friends and family recommend a lawyer to you whom they know and trust, consider if they are the right fit for your case. When managing criminal matters, you want to ensure your lawyer has the extensive skills and experience to manage your case.

2.      Consider Reviews and Testimonials – To better under the performance of a lawyer, its recommended to assess the lawyer’s website for testimonials and Google reviews. This will give you insight on the success rate of his or her cases and the reputation they heed to uphold.

3.      Similar Matters – Criminal law deals with an array of matters, its critical when choosing your lawyer to choose one that has dealt with a similar cases to yours.  The firm you choose should be qualified and experienced in your type of criminal charge to improve your chances of success.

4.      Location – Depending on the court where your case is pending, choose a lawyer who is familiar with that courtroom’s procedure. Familiarity with court procedures matters in a case because it ensures the lawyers ease and confidence when dealing with the judicial process.

5.      Trust Your Lawyer – You depend on your lawyer for the success of your case. It is essential to communicate and have a good relationship with your lawyer throughout the process of your matter. Choose a lawyer you are comfortable to represent and speak for you in court.


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